PowerWave Games Athletic Altitude Hiit Mask 2.0

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Official mask used in the PowerWave Games.

Includes 2 sets (black and white) of resistance caps

  • ✅White and black resistance caps: The fitness mask is made of skin-friendly silicone and nylon. The mask can be easily disassembled and is easy to clean.
  • ✅Tighter grip because of head strap: The endurance mask holds without slipping during PowerWave training. The one size fits at a weight of 65-100 kg.
  • ✅Efficient workout: Strengthens the respiratory muscles for improved athletic performance. Train your fitness, endurance and condition under harder conditions.
  • ✅Bring your training to a new level: The exchangeable attachments of the training mask simulate altitude training regarding the air restriction at different altitudes between 900 - 5500 meters.
Legal Disclaimer

The Athletic Altitude Mask is a training device that limits your air supply. If you have any known illnesses especially: asthma, lung disease, heart disease, thrombosis; or if you are taking any type of medication, or if you smoke regularly, consult with your physician before using this mask. Do not use  for extended periods of time without consulting with your physician. If you have an allergy to silicone, do not use the mask. Do not train in extreme heat or cold conditions. Use this device at your own risk.


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