With Britain’s temperature constantly rising, and with us sweating more than we already need to be, here at PowerWave we have decided to rank the top 5 places to workout, when the heat is high.


  1. The garden.

Working out in the garden can be relaxing for most people. With your garden being in the comfort of your own home, you can be sure to feel as relaxed and carefree as possible. Working out in your garden, allows you to keep cool whilst making the most of the weather.


  1. The Gym.

The gym is always air conditioned, so its always going to be a great place to work out in the heat. Your local gym is a great spot to go where you won’t be alone, and you won’t be the sweatiest person in the room! If you’re looking for comfort, the gym is a great place to start.


  1. The conservatory.

If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, this can be a great place to work out. It allows you to enjoy the sun whilst remaining cool and inside the house. You can place a fan in the room to ensure you’re as cool as possible.


  1. Your local park.

Your local park can be a great place to workout, as you have got the space to spread out and enjoy yourself. You can enjoy the weather and environment whilst looking out at an amazing view.


  1. The beach.

In this weather, why would you not travel to the beach to work out. The beach can be a great place to workout, with you looking out at the view and the sand beneath your feet, what more could you want?


Have a great day and a great workout. Let us know where you're working out today.

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