A new solution to motivate your home workouts

Struggle with finding the motivation to train at home? The idea sounds great but the idea to train alone may be a little discouraging. If like many of us you enjoy the group training environment then PowerWave has the solution for you. We bring the group exercise experience into your living room with our new app feature. 

PowerWave Multiplayer – Never train alone, unless you want to.

Workout in multiplayer mode. Invite up to 4 PowerWave users to a workout with you that you can schedule OnDemand. Converse with one another, motivate each other and see each others heart rates, and scores. Compete on points. Challenge one another or simply motivate each other with our interactive talk mode during every workout. And if someone is annoying you during your working, don't worry you can mute them :) 



PowerWave Forever Changing the way home workouts are done. Experience Multiplayer now, download the PowerWave Life App 

Never Train Alone... Unless you want to :) 

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