How to Survive the Heat!

During the heatwave, it is essential to stay hydrated. However, drinking water isn’t the only important thing to keep on top of!

If you are struggling with your energy levels, getting headaches or can’t seem to focus at work because of this heat, don’t just think water is the only solution; you’re also likely to be low on electrolytes.


When we sweat excessively, we don’t just lose water; we also lose essential nutrients that help our brain, nervous system and heart to function correctly and keep our fluid levels within our body balanced. Electrolytes are crucial. If food is the fuel to our engine, then electrolytes are the oils that help it run more efficiently. 

Now you don’t need to opt for fancy sports drinks; go to your local garage and grab a box of Dioralyte, put a sachet in some water and drink it. Yes, it doesn’t taste that great, but within just a few minutes, you’ll be surprised how many of my clients feel so much better. (Specially great with hangovers, too, if you had just one too many at the pub last night!) 

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