Workout Sandbag vs Power Bag
Workout Sandbag vs Balance Power Bag

What is the difference between a sandbag and a power bag?

When working out, having the right gear to support your fitness goals is essential. Balance power bags and sandbags are two popular options for adding weight to your exercises.

The fitness world is always coming out with new gadgets and gear that claim to help you reach your goals faster. But I recommend sticking with a piece of equipment that can help you lose weight and get fitter, healthier and happier.

The Balance power bag, a functional training bag, is an affordable and efficient way to get stronger and lose weight without relying on expensive or trendy equipment. Muscle gain, fat burning, and losing lbs can all be accomplished with this simple exercise gear in only 20 minutes daily.

What is a Workout Sandbag?

Sandbags are similar to the Balance power bag in some ways, but the methods of use and the results from these two pieces of equipment can vary greatly.

A sandbag has a different shape and creates a diverse range of motion. Sandbags are designed to change their shape as they move, which can target many other muscle groups during use. They need a consistent form, which makes them challenging to use.

When it comes to CrossFit training, sandbags are a commonly used tool. However, the challenge with sandbags is that the sand inside shifts around, making it challenging to control the weight. This lack of control can frustrate many athletes and trainers, so some prefer the Balance bag to traditional sandbags.

PowerWave Fitness Workout Balance Bag

Power Bags vs Workout Sandbags

PowerWave Balance is new health, wellness, and weight loss approach that helps you get incredible results without ever leaving your home. Designed to change your grips when compared to the grips used with traditional sandbags. With its unique design, you can more easily build strength and gain muscle in your forearms while increasing your hand grip strength.

With the PowerWave App, you can choose from thousands of Live or on-demand workouts designed to meet your fitness and weight loss goals on your schedule. With constant updates of workouts each week, both live and on-demand, we know our all-in-one solution will keep you motivated.

The Balance workout bag is incredibly versatile. It comes in various weights and sizes and can be used for over 1700+ unique exercises, including squats, lunges, and medicine ball slams. With a balance workout bag, you can adjust the weight as needed, making it an excellent choice for beginners and advanced athletes.

The Balance bag can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors, which makes it a great addition to anyone's collection of workout equipment. The Balance power bag is gaining popularity with workout enthusiasts and professional fitness coaches from many disciplines.

Balance workout bags are a safer choice than sandbags. Sandbags can be unpredictable, shifting sand and making it difficult to maintain proper form during exercises. Please remember that working with unstable equipment can increase the risk of injury, especially if unfamiliar.

Conversely, the Balance workout bag offers excellent stability, making it easier to maintain proper form and reduce the risk of injury. By choosing a workout tool that enhances your stability, you can confidently exercise and minimize the chances of experiencing unwanted accidents or injuries. Therefore, keep your safety in mind when selecting your workout equipment, and always prioritise your well-being.

In addition to being versatile, the Balance workout bag is incredibly convenient. It is highly compact and easy to carry, making it an excellent choice for home workouts or for taking to the gym. You can also easily store it in a closet or under the bed when not in use, which is especially useful if you have limited space.

Another advantage of Balance workout bags is that they are made of high-quality materials, such as genuine leather. This means the Balalnce bag is durable and built to last, even with regular use. Also, it is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

There are also unique exercises, many of which force a high core response, that can only be done with this type of bag. In addition, these exercises work out several muscle groups simultaneously, significantly increasing your workout efficiency. So when you have limited time to work out, the Balance workout bag makes it easier to hit various muscle groups simultaneously.

Because 80% of the weight on a Balance bag is in the centre (hence the name), the speed you can generate with it will be far greater than any sandbag, and because of this, the resistance it will demand on your body will be more than the weight of the bag itself. That's why the fitter you are, the faster you can move it and the more resistance and strength it will demand from you. You will never need to change the weight of the bag, and it will adapt to your fitness thanks to the unique way it is balanced.

PowerWave Fitness Workout Balance Bag

The Balance power bag is designed for functional training

The Balance workout bag can be an excellent resource if you're looking to boost your flexibility. This workout tool helps you improve your body balance in novel ways, mainly when performing spin-style exercises. If you're familiar with kettlebells, you may experience a similar sensation to performing swing exercises but with a more dynamic range of motion.

As an experienced fitness coach, I highly recommend incorporating the Balance bag into your workout routine. Not only does it teach you to control your movements, but it also enables full-body engagement. This dynamic exercise stimulates the activation of core muscles that are often overlooked, resulting in improved balance and stability during both workouts and everyday activities. Remember to consider the impact of incorporating the Balance bag into your fitness regimen.

The Balance power bag is much more effective

As a fitness coach, I highly recommend integrating the Balance bag into your workout routine. This equipment is designed to challenge your body's stability and engage your core muscles, essential for developing a strong core.

One of the benefits of using the Balance bag is that you can train multiple muscle groups at once, which saves you time and optimizes your workout effectiveness. In addition, with the Balance bag, you'll stay motivated and driven to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals.

The Balance workout bag is travel-friendly and perfect for those who enjoy a good workout during holidays. You can use the bag indoors and outdoors, depending on how you train.

The workout bags are also highly durable and can withstand heavy-duty usage. In addition, they last for many years, making them a good investment if you're looking for workout gear that you can use and abuse daily.

PowerWave Fitness Workout Balance Bag

Key features of the Balance power bag

  • Balanced centre to generate greater centrifugal force. The harder you push, the more it demands.
  • Multiple holding positions to allow over 1700+ different exercises and increase/decrease intensity.
  • Thermo gel interacts with your body heat when placed on the neck. This is to aid the reduction of the body cool down, which could lead to injuries.
  • Designed to sit behind the shoulder blades when placed on the neck to ensure the weight is posterior-based to aid a neutral spine when training.
  • Bi-Folding handles and padded grip tracks allow flexible movement, allowing you to transition between moves quickly without changing grips.
  • Soft outer bio-shock shell, which, when used in the home environment, will reduce the chances of damaging your floor or furniture.


OverallWhile, sandbags can be a good option for some workouts. The versatility, convenience, durability, and safety of the Balance workout bags make them an excellent choice for various exercises.

With a Balance power bag, you can increase the intensity of your workouts, build strength and endurance, and achieve your fitness goals more quickly and effectively.

The Balance bag is ergonomically designed and feels like an extension of your body, giving you a life-changing, total body workout in just 20 minutes daily. This ultra-versatile weighted bag is the only piece of workout equipment you need.

So why not try incorporating a Balance workout bag into your next workout and see the difference it can make?

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