The most effective way to get rid of stretch marks.

We have all experienced stretch mark’s and 90% of us will look at them and be filled with anxiety, sadness and heartache about how we look. Firstly, you know you’re not alone- and we’re there right with you. If you’re feeling insecure, here at PowerWave we have researched some home remedies for stretch marks so you can gain that confidence and feel you are the most empowered and beautiful you, you can be.


1. Buy a tub of Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is used in beauty to help heal skin, moisturise skin and make you look younger. There has been limited research into the effects of Hyaluronic acid, however the research that has been conducted has shown that it can help to improve the appearance of stretch marks. You can try this home remedy by applying a small amount of hyaluronic acid to your affected area each day.


2. Create your very own sugar scrub!

Mimic the work of microdermabrasion and create your own cheaper version of an exfoliator with sugar.

To make a sugar scrub:

Combine 100g of sugar with up to 100g of coconut oil. Slowly pour the oil in, a bit at a time. Mix the oil into the sugar, a little at a time. Your scrub is ready to use when it looks like wet sand.

Gently rub the mixture over the part of your body where the stretch marks are.

Repeat 3 times per week while in the shower or bath. Rinse with warm water.

You can always store your sugar scrub in containers in the fridge, however when it starts to smell funny you will need to make a fresh batch.

3. Up your vitamin A intake.

Vitamin A helps to make your skin appear youthful and smoother. There has been a lot ofn research into the effect of vitamin A on your stretch marks and it does make them appear smaller and less severe however vitamin A can sometimes irritate your skin and you should not use products containing vitamin A if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breast feeding.

 4. Use Aloe Vera.

Aloe vera has been used as a natural skin treatment for moisturising and soothing when inflamed. There has been a lot of research into the benefits of aloe vera with skin healing, and despite the lack of evidence with stretch marks, it is proven very effective with burns, so it won’t harm you to try!

5. Embrace them!

You’re beautiful the way you are! Embrace the stretch marks, they tell a story, and everyone experiences them! Whether you got stretch marks from gaining weight, birthing a child, or just going through puberty, it all shows a time in your life, you have experienced, and they represent you. Stretch marks are super interesting and can be viewed as mini types of art on your body. Like human beings, they come in all shapes and sizes and shades and depths. Remind yourself, your body is a work of art- many celebrities try to remind you!

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