Versatile, ergonomic and portable. It's more than just a weighted bag.

The PowerWave Bag has been painstakingly developed by kinesiologists and exercise medicine professionals to deliver an optimized workout for any age, fitness level, or physical capacity.

See Inside Our PowerWave Bags!

Triple Weave Strength Coated Laces
Eva-tech Open Cell High Density Foam
Military Cross-hatch Canvas
Outer Texture Skin Membrane
Power Core Weighted River Bed Silt Chambers
Silicone Insulation Backing
NX4 Rubber Neoprene Pad






Balanced centre to generate greater centrifugal force. The harder you push the more it demands.
Multiple holding positions to allow over 1700+ different exercises and increase/decrease intensity.
Thermogel that interacts with your body heat when placed on neck. This is to aid reduction of body cool down which could lead to injuries.
Designed to sit behind the shoulder blades when placed on the neck to ensure the weight is posterior based to aid a neutral spine when training.
Bi-Folding handles and padded grip tracks that allow flexible movement, giving you the freedom to transition between moves quickly without changing grips.
Soft outer bioshock shell which when used in the home environment will reduce the chances of damaging your floor or furniture.