POWERWAVE® ENDURO SUPER 7KG / Great for ladies Lean & Tone (Lifestyle Choice)

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PowerWave™ ENDURO Super (15.4lbs - 7kg) is the ideal weight for ladies wishing to get lean and toned.

The improved replacement to our previous best seller PowerWave Classic. Enhanced in every way, same great price:

  • Unique duel robust stitching
  • Duel thermo gel technologie
  • Bio shock armour keystone
  • Anti slip cross over friction grip tracks

Everything you need is in the box: PowerWave™ Enduro 2.0 and a unique serial number to access your workouts and nutrition plans along with a host of other facilities all from the palm of your hands via the PowerWave Fitness App.

PowerWave Fitness App – Access workouts, nutrition plans and social trainer network all within the palm of your hand with a unique serial number included within the sale of the PowerWave.

Access to: Wave20 workouts. Additional workouts available on subscription.

Fitness on the Go, make the world your gym!

 1 Year Warranty - Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding full details of the warranty.