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The brand new PowerWave Balance 2.0 feels like an extension of your body, giving you a life-changing, total-body workout in just 20 minutes a day. No more commuting to the gym. No more waiting for machines. No more boring workouts. Everything you need for your next workout at an unbelievable offer.

We offer you an exclusive discount for being a loyal member of the PowerWave family.

The PowerWave Balance bundle includes the following:

The New PowerWave Balance Bag (7kg or 12kg)
The New PowerWave HR Monitor
2 Months of Free App Access, including:
✔ Live and On-Demand Workouts: Hiit/Strength/Endurance/Yoga.
✔ Nutrition plans.
✔ Multiplayer access.
✔ Heart Rate monitoring and performance breakdown.
✔ All New BodyBlitz workouts are launching next month.
✔ All New Power Pilates launching next month.
✔ Life Coach.

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New and Improved Features

Superior, bar-like grip

Barrel bar handles allow you to move with power and confidence, unlocking a greater range of strength-based movements.

Variable resistance to keep your workouts challenging

Move fluidly and flexibly with a 98% accuracy balanced core (up from 63%) that offers more resistance the faster you move, posing a greater challenge as you get fitter and stronger.

Enhanced comfort + feel

BioShock Armour with contoured grooves makes grabbing and gripping the bag a breeze for forward-pushing and over-the-head movements as well as resting in plank mode, making the bag feel like an extension of your own body.

Better temperature insulation

Thermo Reactor tech keeps your body temperature in check when placed on the back of the neck, so you can get maximum efficiency from your workout and minimize the risk of injury.

Sturdier straps for smooth control

Dual threaded straps let you perform snap-back movements with next-level stability and recoil whilst it works in conjunction with the balanced core.

PowerWave Warranty

Two-year limited warranty for home use.*
One-year warranty - Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding full warranty details.

Download the PowerWave App

Connect to our award-winning app for LIVE and ON-DEMAND WORKOUTS, NUTRITION GUIDES, LIFE COACH and COMMUNITY. Enjoy a free 14-day free trial, then £8.99 a month to subscribe.

Download the app here: qrco.de/powerwaveapp

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