PowerWave Classic Spartan 12kg
PowerWave Classic Spartan 12kg

PowerWave Classic Spartan 12kg

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PowerWave™ 2.0 Spartan (26.4lbs - 12kg) is the ideal weight for men wishing to get in the best shape of their lives, with a leaner toner body when doing the Wave20™ workout. Ladies can use this weight when doing the Beast-Reps workout if their goal is for gaining bigger size and maximum strength.


  • Revolutionary PowerWave 2.0
  • Upgraded thermo gel and grip track technology
  • Serial number to access your personal online account
  • Access to workout videos, meal plans & social on any device.
  • Limited 2-year warranty

PowerWave™ 2.0 is a multifunctional training device that is revolutionary by design, allowing a complete body workout that is guaranteed to unleash explosive core strength and physical endurance, achieving that desirable shape with just 20 minutes a day, in conjunction with the flagship Wave20™ workout.

The Wave20™ workout is a 20 minute workout system used with the PowerWave™ to give you an incredible all over body workout that is aimed to increase strength, speed and endurance, giving you an incredible lean body in a very short time. 

The Wave20™ workout is just one of many dedicated PowerWave plans, if your goal is to put on size, compete or to gain strength, there are dedicated workouts to help meet your target.

Please follow the instructional guideline to use the PowerWave correctly.

PowerWave™ is not made for smashing movements especially on the ground. Improper use will invalidate your warranty. See full warranty spec on

PowerWave™ is a lifestyle helping you and your family get into the best shape of your lives and feeling great with just 20 minutes a day!

See POWERWAVE.TV for full spec. Please read Disclaimer on use and health guidelines before purchasing.