POWERWAVE® TERRAIN ZEUS 30KG / Great for Power Training (Commercial Use)

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Includes the 30 Day Transformation Program on the PowerWave App and the 4 Week Strong program that starts on the 12th of April 2021. 

A heavy duty well constructed PowerWave bag great for commercial use. 

When you want to be pushed to your limits and beyond. You want one of the best training devices on the market today. Bio-shock armour, duel thermo gel and a ballistic durable skin, you can be sure the PowerWave Terrain 2.0 won’t disappoint.

More workout access than any other PowerWave with the PowerWave Terrain. Everything you need is in the box: PowerWave™ Terrain 2.0 and a unique serial number to access your workouts and nutrition plans along with a host of other facilities all from the palm of your hands via the PowerWave Fitness App.

Available sizes:
The Zeus (30kg/66lbs) Men's Size & Power, Ladies Power 

30 Day Wave20 Transformation Challenge

3 x Beast Reps Workouts

3 x Laws 5 Workouts

1 x BallistX Fight Workout

(Please note there is no specific workout for Zeus use, unless a lady wishes to perform separate workouts outside the App at their own risk or to use with a qualified PowerWave Licensed Coach.)

Download the app here: qrco.de/powerwaveapp

PowerWave Fitness App – Access workouts, nutrition plans and social trainer network all within the palm of your hand with a unique serial number included within the sale of the PowerWave.

Fitness on the Go, make the world your gym!

2 Year limited warranty.