Introducing Powerwave Balance 2.0

The ergonomically designed PowerWave Balance feels like an extension of your body, giving you a life-changing, total body workout in just 20 minutes a day. No more commuting to the gym. No more waiting for machines. No more boring workouts. And no more excuses for not looking and feeling your best. This ultra-versatile weighted bag is the only piece of workout equipment you need. 

The ultimate portable “gym in a bag” is back and better than ever

Our brand new PowerWave Balance has unique features to help you maintain proper body alignment and maximise caloric expenditure. The Balance bags also have key features like bio shock armour, enhanced grips and a thermo gel neck padding to help absorb and maintain body heat, reducing your cool-down rate and improving your performance.

Balance 2.0 DNA

The new PowerWave Balance bag isn’t your ordinary training device. The attention to detail, along with years of testing, is what makes this bag so unique.

Matt coated & toughened edge

• Easy to clean matt-coated toughened grain surface.
• Crosshatched anti-tear vinyl under-skin layer.
• Reflex superior memory tension grip foam.
• Extra dense, heavy-duty recon foam bar.

Perfectly balanced weighted core

• Buffalo grain ‘A’ grade durable leather outer layer.
• Crosshatched anti-tear vinyl underskin layer.
• Bio-shock reflex heavy dense recon foam pad.
• Micron-ash balanced and encased weighted centre.

Thermo reactive neck cushion

• Smooth grain ‘A’ grade durable perforated leather.
• Red neoprene 0.5mm layer primary surface.
• Insuline membrane able to cross-transfer heat.
• Red neoprene 0.5mm layer secondary surface.

Transform Your Body and Life in Just 20 Minutes a Day

Perform 1700+ exercises and get a full-body workout at home (or anywhere!) in just 20 minutes a day with the PowerWave Balance personal workout bag. Available in 7kg and 12kg options. The brand new PowerWave Balance is like having your fitness coach right by your side, ready to push you to go further, move faster, or lift heavier.

PowerWave Balance is a complete lifestyle transformation

PowerWave Balance is new health, wellness, and weight loss approach that helps you get incredible results without ever leaving your home. With the PowerWave App, you can choose from thousands of Live or On-Demand workouts designed to meet your fitness and weight loss goals on your schedule. With constant updates of workouts each week, both live and On-Demand, we know our all-in-one solution will keep you motivated.

Variable resistance to keep your workouts challenging

Move fluidly and flexibly with a 98% accuracy balanced core (up from 63%) that offers more resistance the faster you move, posing a greater challenge as you get fitter and stronger.

Superior, bar-like grip

Barrel bar handles allow you to move with power and confidence, unlocking a greater range of strength-based movements.

Enhanced comfort + feel

BioShock Armour with contoured grooves makes grabbing and gripping the bag a breeze for forward-pushing and over-the-head movements as well as resting in plank mode, making the bag feel like an extension of your own body.

Better temperature insulation

Thermo Reactor tech keeps your body temperature in check when placed on the back of the neck, so you can get maximum efficiency from your workout and minimize the risk of injury.

Sturdier straps for smooth control

Dual threaded straps let you perform snap-back movements with next-level stability and recoil whilst it works in conjunction with the balanced core.


PowerWave Balance




Balanced centre to generate greater centrifugal force. The harder you push the more it demands.
Multiple holding positions to allow over 1700+ different exercises and increase/decrease intensity.
Thermogel that interacts with your body heat when placed on neck. This is to aid reduction of body cool down which could lead to injuries.
Designed to sit behind the shoulder blades when placed on the neck to ensure the weight is posterior based to aid a neutral spine when training.
Bi-Folding handles and padded grip tracks that allow flexible movement, giving you the freedom to transition between moves quickly without changing grips.
Soft outer bioshock shell which when used in the home environment will reduce the chances of damaging your floor or furniture.