Why Wellness matters

Stats companies are facing within the UK


    Can lower premature death by up to 30% and improve mood, energy and overall quality of sleep.


    Better nutrition is related to an improved immune system and lowers risk of heart and liver disease.


    With a life coach, 80% of employees can improve their self confidence, 73% improve work/life balance.


    Engaged employees are 17% more productive and companies reduce staff turnover by up to 31%.


Helping to keep your team connected and working better no matter where they are.

  • BODY

    With live workouts running on the app every week, 100's to choose from and just 20 minutes a day, your team will have time to stay active from home or within work. They can track their performance, work towards goals and best of all, communicate with each other and motivate one another during every workout. Keep your team working together even outside of working hours.


    It's true, we are what we eat. With our own PowerWave Chef creating delicious recipe ideas weekly and a nutritional program to help staff make better-eating decisions, we have everything you need in the palm of your hand. Our nutrition pack celebrates and educates how to make easy and healthy food choices, whilst improving the physical and emotional relationship we have with food.

  • MIND

    With our award-winning life coach, Eddie Hipola will help to keep your team feeling motivated. A life coach helps to improve confidence, motivation and helps you to pay more attention to the present moment. Having a life coach making you aware of your own thoughts and feelings, and the world around you, can improve your mental wellbeing inside and outside of the work place.


    It's no secret, motivated employees will work harder, arrive on time, and focus on their daily duties. Which is great during work hours, but when it comes to their personal life that encouragement should continue. This is where our app can help. With achievement badges and a leaderboard, you can keep track and reward your staff for living a healthier lifestyle.